Feeders and Running Gears

  • Farmco Mfg.

  • Farm-Bilt Mfg.

  • Sunnyburn Welding

  • Large & Small Livestock Feeders

  • Buffalo Feeders Bale Wagons & Running Gear.

Smyrna Grove Manufacturing

  • Steel Gates
  • Round Pens
  • Panels
  • All Things Horse Barn Related.

Livestock/ Pet Food 

  • All Types of Feed for Livestock to Pets


  • Crop Sprayers 15-1,000 Gallon

Organic Fertilizer/ Soil Enhancers 

  • Schafer Liquid Fish

  • PPD Fish (dry fertilizer)
  • Full Sircle Soil Enhancemen
  • Kelp, Worm Tea
  • GSR Calcium
  • Phosphorous

Farm Equipment for Sale in Virginia

We have taken the time to ensure that all of our products are sourced from reliably quality manufactures so you can always buy with confidence.
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Manure Spreaders

  • Lancaster Spreaders

  • Millcreek

  • D & H Welding

  • Manure Spreaders 25-185 Bushel

Southern Equipment

  • Rotary Cutters
  • Plows
  • Yard Rakes
  • Disks
  • Other various farming implements

ESCH Manufacturing 

  • No Till Drills

  • For Locals: we have one to rent if you want to try before you buy.

Pat's Easy Exchange 

  • Quick Hitch System That Fits Any Tractor


  • King's Agriseed
  • Master Choice Corn and Sun Prairie Soy Beans
  • Bulk Seed for large or small farmers
  • Dalrymple Farms
  • Red River Crabgrass

Horse Drawn Equipment

  • Mascot MFG
  • Pioneer MFG
  • I&J MFG
  • Weaver Wagons