PA Country Equipment was begun in January 2005 by Jerry Becker.  Jerry has a great love of farming and helping others, especially the small farmer like himself.  The business is based in his home and in stock items are limited due to expense and space available.  Orders are processed quickly and efficiently and costs are kept reasonable thanks to low overhead expenses.

Jerry is a dealer for many companies a lot of which are Amish run businesses with products made in the Lancaster, PA area.  He enjoys dealing with the Amish because they take great pride in their workmanship and produce dependable, sturdy equipment made to order.  The other various companies that he sells products for are personally selected by Jerry to be sure he offers quality built products to you, the customer.

Jerry and his wife, Dee Dee, live on a small farm in St. Stephens Church, VA and raise goats, sheep, horses along with having guardian dogs and growing vegetables and crops. 

In 2010 we were blessed to expand our business into Nathalie, VA.  The store there is run by our Amish friend, Robert Coblentz and he has a nice showroom on site.  Robert is quite knowledgeable about farming and he also has a harness shop and a cement business that he runs.  He is always happy to help when he can.  He can be contacted at (434) 454-4102 and leave a message - being Amish he does not accept calls on Sunday.  He will return your call as soon as possible.  He is located at the corner of Morton's Ferry Road and Hunting Creek Road in Nathalie.

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